You never know when you might need a storage solution. Thankfully, in the Rochdale area, there’s now a dependable and affordable service available. If you’re local to the area, you may have heard of Pro Removals Rochdale in the past. After all, we’ve been in operation here for years now.

Of course, we’re predominantly known for our excellent range of removals services. However, what you may not know is that we also offer convenient storage services! Since these two things so often go together, we decided to provide our customers with an efficient one-stop solution for both. Thank us later!

There are so many scenarios in which storage services come in handy. Our busy modern lives often require us to rent extra space for all of the items we’re dealing with. If you’ve ever wished you had more room at home, then a storage service might be the ideal solution for you.

When you do need storage services in the Rochdale area, Pro Removals Rochdale is the obvious choice. We know what customers need from a storage solution, and we offer it at a reasonable price. Thanks to our removals expertise, we can also transport items to and from your unit if required. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to access this service.

Don’t worry if this is your first time renting storage space. Maybe you’re not even sure if this is right for you yet. Read on for more information about what storage services involve and when they’re especially useful. If you have any specific questions we don’t address here, feel free to get in touch and speak to our friendly team.


When Do People Use Storage Services

Over the years, we’ve assisted people in all kinds of situations with our storage services. Here are just some of the moments you might find a storage service useful:

When moving home. This was our first motivation for offering storage solutions. Having performed removals for decades, we knew how often customers needed the support of a rented storage unit.

We all try to plan our move so that leaving the former place coincides with arriving at the new one; however, this isn’t always possible! If you’re stuck in the middle of your transition period, one of our rented units can keep your possessions safe in one place.


When undergoing family changes. Families are constantly in flux, undergoing continual change. Whether you’re divorcing, downsizing, or dealing with a death, a storage solution could help you and your loved ones to cope.

Maybe an adult son or daughter is heading off to study. They can’t take all of their childhood possessions with them, but you’re not quite ready to let them go. A storage solution will contain them until you can decide their final destination.

When opening a business. You don’t have to run your small business from your own place. Why let stock overrun your home when you can rent a storage unit instead? This is a far more efficient solution.

If you hire a rental space with us, you can also benefit from delivery services. Pro Removals Rochdale offers a man and van service that could perfectly cater to your needs. 


Why Do I Choose Pro Removals Rochdale for my Storage Service

There are many storage solutions to choose from, but there are even more reasons to choose Pro Removals Rochdale! Certain elements make our service that little more special.

First of all, we’re an established company. Local people already know and trust us to handle their removals, so we’re the obvious choice when it comes to storage services too. We have earned our excellent reputation by being consistently reliable in performing removals. You can expect us to handle the storage side of our business in the exact same way.

Unlike other storage solutions, we also offer removals services. The two can be combined in a very convenient way. During your move, you might need us to store some of your items. This might be for a short or long-term period. Either is fine! We can also transport items to and from your unit. You’ll benefit from our manpower and our vehicles as well as our storage unit. 

How have we retained so many customers over the years despite the intense competition in our industry? It’s simple: we deliver excellent levels of customer service. That’s why people return to our services over the years and recommend us to their friends and family. If you’re ready to experience the highest standards of customer service, then give Pro Removals Rochdale a call!

Another reason that our customers love us is that we simply offer better prices than competitor companies. We love delivering amazing value for money: an incredible service at an affordable price. Renting a storage space doesn’t need to be super expensive. Our budget-friendly offer won’t disappoint, so why not call for a free quotation?

Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Storage Space

If this is your first time renting a storage space, we’d advise you to consider the following:

These are your possessions, and you should think seriously about where you store them. If you go with an unknown company, can you feel confident that they’ll take care of your stuff? If you care about items enough to pay to store them, then you should be willing to take the time and make sure that they’re stored with a credible, dependable company like Pro Removals Rochdale.

You can take certain steps to protect your property. Storage units should be protective spaces, but there are still measures you should take to ensure that they stay in great condition. Rather than storing items in cardboard boxes, choose plastic containers. Wrap fabric-based furniture like sofas in plastic to keep out the elements.

An organised storage space brings many benefits. Rather than just throw your items in, pack them in containers and attach clear labels so you know what every container has inside. This will save you from raking through your possessions every time you need to find something. Loading your unit strategically will help you maximise the space available.



How much does storage service cost?

You’ll find that prices vary significantly between different companies. To find out how much your storage service would cost, you’ll have to contact companies directly and ask for quotations. Reputable companies should be happy to provide these quotations upfront with no obligation to book. Pro Removals Rochdale is, of course!


Are my belongings insured at storage service?

Again, you’ll have to speak directly to companies to confirm their level of insurance coverage. Coverage usually relates to specific items — after all, insurance providers have strict criteria. For that reason, you should clarify with your storage company what you’ll be storing there and how well protected you’ll be by their insurance.


How do I make sure my stuff at the storage service is safe?

You can prepare your property for storage in protective ways so that it stays in mint condition. When packing your items into the unit, think sensibly about what should go where. Put heaviest items on the bottom, for example. Use plastic to protect items where necessary. Most importantly, you should choose a reputable storage provider!


How to choose the best storage space?

Reputation says a lot. Pro Removals Rochdale has a great local reputation because we have successfully served the community for such a long time. That shows you can trust us. We’re happy to adapt our service to better meet your storage needs. That’s what makes us the best storage solution for people in Rochdale and the surrounding area.