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Apollo Removals Rochdale customer reviews
Apollo Removals Rochdale have been speedy and punctual with the services. Having an extensive travel schedule, knowing that my relocation service is there to provide the required support came as a relief.Oscar Hobbs
Rochdale, UK

Apollo Removals Rochdale customer reviews
I was looking for a removal service to shift to a new house and that is when I came across Apollo Removals Rochdale. I got a free quote. When I hired them, they efficiently shifted my belongings to my new house.Poppy Farmer
Rochdale, UK

Apollo Removals Rochdale customer reviews
Apollo Removals Rochdale is the best relocation service that I have come across. They have helped move my company to a new office. What I liked about them is they relocated the office furniture and equipment safely.Eloise Duplessis
Rochdale, UK

Apollo Removals Rochdale customer reviews
Received great service from Apollo Removals Rochdale. Their skilled crew members did all the things very gently. They carefully listened to my instructions and followed them while packing and shifting the things from one town to another.Anthony Mahmood
Rochdale, UK

Why Choose Us?

By hiring us, you will have the best removal company working for you. We can provide quality moving service at a local and global level. Our unmatched resources will process your relocation smoothly. Apollo Removals Rochdale has been recognized across the industry as the premier moving services. We have a commitment to excellence and are appreciated by clients across the globe. 

Rochdale: The Town with Beauty

Rochdale is a town in England’s Greater Manchester. It is in the dale on River Roch and that is how it gets its name. This is a small town that feels just like home. You can easily get accustomed to this. You will find shops down the road and you take the narrow lanes to walk in and out of the town. 

It stands 450 feet above sea level. The town is bound by the smaller town. The environment of Rochdale consists of mixed infrastructure. There are commercial buildings and housing belonging to different periods. It has a mixture of semi-rural, rural, suburban, and urban. However, the land use of the town is majorly urban. 

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Early History of Rochdale

Back in time, Rochdale was situated on the Roman road that leads to York from Manchester. It used to be a thriving market town. The weekly market had started from 1250 when Edmund de Lacy had been given a grant for the market and also an annual fair. 

The town is famous across the world due to its co-operative movement. It is the town of complete harmony. 

Rochdale had risen to prominence in the 19th century posing as the mill town. It came out as the center for textile manufacturing in the time of the Industrial Revolution. Rochdale was one of the first industrial towns. Today, it is predominantly a residential town. 

Market Demand

Being an urbanized town, people move in and out almost every day. Thus, there is a high demand for moving companies out there. Also, the university and college in the town attract a lot of students from outside who shift to the town for their education. The high demand for relocation or moving services has increased in recent times and this has led many new companies to crop up. 

However, Apollo Removals Rochdale maintains its high-standard and makes sure that the customers have no complaints.

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House Removals Rochdale

When it comes to house removals Rochdale, we will provide you with a personal moving plan that caters to your requirements. We know that every house move is different. That’s why we work hard to provide an extensive range of moving resources adapting to offer a personalized moving experience. 

We have designed our moving plan, keeping you in mind. The plans have been customized to suit your budget, requirements, and time. 

Here’s what you can expect from Apollo Removals Rochdale house moving. 

  • Licensed
  • Transparent pricing
  • Insurance coverage
  • Quality customer service

Why Choose Us Instead of DIY?

House moving can be pretty daunting. However, working with us will simplify your process significantly. When you hire a professional, you will receive packaging material and services that make sure all your belongings are loaded onto the truck safely and are shipped to the new location without any damage. Also, when you hire a professional to do the work for you, it will save you enough time. We will take care of everything, starting from packing the items to loading them. Hence, you have enough time to take off the other important stuff while shifting to a new home. Lack of experience in packing can damage your things. With professional house removal companies near me, you do not have to worry about that. 

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Choosing Apollo Removals Rochdale Over Others

We know moving can be stressful and thus, we work with complete transparency. Our consultant will give you an estimated amount for the movie based on your moving requirements. The quote will include house removal and the services that are needed to complete the move. 

We offer as many resources as you require. Our ultimate aim is to take out the stress and hassle that comes with the moving process with our quality service. Our packing options are going to offer you the flexibility to determine if you would like to be a part of the move. 

Make moving easy with our resources and help.

Office Removals Rochdale

If it is time to move out of your office then it is time to call Apollo Removals Rochdale. Our success as an office removal company is attributed to the hard work and the quality service we offer. 

We take sufficient time to understand the corporate culture and then act on it to make sure you enjoy the best transfer service. Moving to a new office is much different than moving to a new house. Thus, you will need movers who will know what they are doing. Our insured and licensed office moving service will help move high tech equipment, disassemble cubicles, and bring in hard crates to safely move all items. 

What We Offer?

If you hire us, you will be able to enjoy the following. 

  • National and Local Moving

We offer pre-move office relocation plans, packing, and instructions along with labors to make the move stress free and efficient. 

  • Packing

It is our responsibility to provide the packaging supplies which includes racks, e-crates, and boxes to pack your furniture and technical equipment safely. 

  • Commercial Relocation

No matter if you are moving across the country or just to a new floor; we have experienced movers who will handle the heavy work for you. 

  • Warehousing

We provide secure warehousing solutions to cater to your storage needs. 

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Planning to Move to a New Office? Get a Quote

We have set a benchmark in this field and are highly trusted by customers. 

Our relocation cost varies with factors like,

  • Distance
  • Office size
  • Work hours
  • Number of items to be relocated

We, at Rochdale, know that office removal can be expensive and hidden costs can be a cause of worry. This is the reason we provide transparent quotes to our customers. We are the top removal company in Greater Manchester. Apollo Removals Rochdale know that every office removal is different and that’s why we have experts who cater to your needs. 

Student Removals Rochdale

Whether you are moving to a new location or moving back home after you have completed your semester, we will provide you with the stress-free and affordable move, local, as well as overseas. 

We, at Apollo Removals Rochdale, know that students don’t have a big budget to relocate. In Rochdale, Greater Manchester knows that there are several students. Internationals come from across the world to study in Rochdale. There are undergraduate and postgraduate students.  Thus, with a large population like this, it is natural for students to move from one location to the other at regular intervals. We provide services that have been modeled for students. 

Apollo Removals Rochdale Making Student Removal Simple

We have been in business for a long time now and our experts know what it requires to ensure a stress-free and smooth move. Here are the benefits our service offers,

  • Top-notch packing boxes delivered safely to the given address. 
  • Packing materials come with bubble-wrap and parcel tape. All these are delivered. 
  • Upfront and fast booking system with transparent quotes. 
  • A team of experts working to help you in every step of the way. 

Relax and Lets Us do the Work for You

We provide several discounts to ensure it is affordable for the students to make the move possible. Our experts make sure that the relocation is organized and all your belongings are safe. Even if it is the most crowded time of the year, our experts are only a call away. We will provide you a free quote. Talk to your experts and tell them when you want to move and the items you have. We have the reputation of maintaining our high standards, no matter how many items you want to move. 

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Piano Removals Rochdale

Apollo Removals Rochdale were the leading pioneers for several years in the field of piano moving. We specialize in moving pianos locally and across the country. So, if you want to move a piano to a new location, we have got you covered.  

How do We Move Grand and Baby Pianos?

As professional movers, we know that the most important aspect of moving the piano is packing the piano. We wrap the piano in blankets to make sure that the piano is not gouged or scuffed. We make sure that the piano is moved in a day that it doesn’t suffer scrapes and damaging bumps. Our experts use a special tool for the tasks to make sure your piano is moved in the most efficient manner. 

Why Choose Us Over Other Piano Moving Companies?

As piano moving experts, we will provide you with some distinct advantages.

  • We are prepared to move your grand piano for you. We will remove the lyre, the lid hinges, and the lid of the piano. Thereafter, we will carefully wrap the parts of the piano in a blanket and two blankets on top of the piano board. 
  • As two piano movers hold up the piano, the third will remove the rear and left piano legs. The piano legs are going to be released or screwed off at the turn of the metal or wooden tab. 
  • We will then ease the piano on to the board and remove the remaining leg. 
  • Our piano movers will wrap it up in moving blankets and leave air vents to prevent condensation inside the piano. 
  • Thereafter, our experts will strap on the piano to the piano board for making sure that the buckles or belts from the straps don’t gouge the piano sides. 
  • We then place the piano on the piano board on a four-wheeled dolly by our experts. 
  • When we have packed the piano safely, we will move it into the truck along with its legs. 

We know how much you love your piano and will make all possible efforts to preserve your soul. 

Furniture Removal Rochdale

Sit back and relax as we remove your furniture for you. Getting rid of your old furniture is not an easy and stress-free process. It is awkward and heavy. Doing it all by yourself is nearly impossible. We know that you might need an extra set of tools so we come equipped. 

Convenient Furniture Disposal Close to You

Fortunately, there is an easy way to deal with the furniture removal. Just simply call Apollo Removals Rochdale. This is the easiest decision that you are ever going to make. Our experts are going to handle the heavy items for you and load them into the truck to make sure they are donated or recycled. 

Whether it is your house furniture or office equipment, we have got it covered. So if you are in Rochdale and have to move furniture, get in touch with us. Our professionals will take additional care to make sure everything is safe. 

At Apollo Removals Rochdale, we are equipped to deal with all types of furniture starting from tables, sofas, and chairs. In order to remove heavy stuff like lockers and cupboards, we will appoint a technical person to manage the structure skillfully. 

Get Free Quote Now

You can get in touch with me to get a free quote. We provide varying packages and you can choose the one that caters to your needs.  You can talk to our managers and get a briefing on the whole process. Also, a professional will visit your location to give you a detail on ground moving. We will inspect the office or the rooms in the house and check the items that need to be shifted. 

We will assist you in moving your furniture in minimum time. 

Man and Van Service Rochdale

Our Man and Van are going to take care of your transport requirements. We offer professional services at a competitive price. Our transport partners operate around Rochdale. So, if you want a man and van service close to you, we are here to get you moving. 

Why Choose Us Over Others?

Whether you are moving office Rochdale or relocating to a new family, with our Man and Van service you will not have to look any further. We aim to make your move hassle-free and easy for you. Our experts are experienced in the removal industry. Our competitive rates make moving affordable for you. Apollo Removals Rochdale is your best choice if you want a stress-free and cheap free man and van removal service. We are here to serve all time and every time. 

With Apollo Removals Rochdale, you can also enjoy long and short term storage, in case you are worried about storing your goods before transit or not having enough space. We take pride in the fact that we offer a reliable and high-quality removal service that guarantees your satisfaction. At Apollo Removals Rochdale, we believe, no job is too big or small for us. 

Tips to Follow to Save More

  • Make sure you have parking close to your doorstep as getting a parking permit might increase your cost. 
  • Get insurance for the items you are transporting. This is going to cover the damage. You can also get insurance for the moving van. Insurance might add up to the personal cost but it will also help in saving money in case of damage. 

Hire us as your man and van removal company. We will offer transport services from Rochdale to all the nearby towns. 

Removals in Covid-19

In Rochdale, you can still move house or office during the current COVID-19 pandemic. This is because our removals service has paid close attention to government guidelines, and we have implemented precautionary measures that enable us to perform removals as usual and as safely as possible. You can be confident that the health and safety of both our customers and our team is of the highest priority. However, we understand that demand for our service continues. That’s why we’re happy to continue serving the removals needs of the community in Rochdale while we adhere to the strictest possible safety protocols.

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