Furniture Removals Rochdale

If you want to replace your old furniture but do not have the time to do it, get in touch with Apollo Removals Rochdale. We will move your furniture with complete care. Whether you have to get rid of the furniture of the entire house or just a single sofa unit, we are here to help you out. Our experts will help you to take your furniture anywhere for you. We can also recycle or donate it for you. 

Moving a piece of furniture from one place to the other can be a big job and requires a lot of patience. It can be stressful to arrange your stuff in the packing boxes and then transport them to the desired location. The entire process is pretty daunting. Thus, instead of doing it alone, you should leave it to professionals like us. We know that you do not want your furniture to be damaged and we are going to take care of it for you. 

If you hire us, you will be able to save yourself time and stress. Moreover, you can save the cost of repairs that can be expended in case you damage the pieces of furniture during dismantling, disassembling, handling, and then assembling. Lifting heavy items it can be quite stressful as it can cause damage to the furniture. 

Being professionals, we know the technicalities that go behind moving a piece of furniture. Hence, we can assure you that we are the best mover for the job. 

Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Furniture

In case you are looking to upgrade the house furnishings or maybe you are planning to downsize, you might be thinking about how you will be able to get rid of the old pieces of furniture instead of hauling them around. Here are some ways to get rid of them. 


  • Sell Them


People across Rochdale have embraced online shopping. Thus, they are also used to the idea of online selling. One of the best things about technology is it will allow individuals not just to buy goods but also to put them on sale. The selling process is quoted simple and the available online tools are quite easy to use. 


  • Donate Them


If making money is not important for you, there is an option to donate them to a new home. This way you will be able to get rid of your furniture and also help out others. There are several organizations that accept donated furniture. 


  • Recycle Them


If you are thinking of disposing of your furniture, you can consider recycling. This is a great way to use trash so that you do not have to throw it out. Recycling is surely a viable option if you discard the old pieces. 

Free Quote

At Apollo Removals Rochdale, we will provide you with no obligation and a free estimate on your furniture removal. So, whether you have to relocate just one piece of furniture or many of them, just talk to us.  We make sure we are upfront with our clients in regards to pricing. Thus, you will know what you can expect before starting with the removal. 

Preparing and Protecting

Rochdale Removal at Rochdale is skilled. They know the best way to pack and prepare your furniture. The best way of packing furniture is, 

  • Hardwood and fine surfaces need special protection and care from prospective scratches or scuffs. Thus, we will pad wrap to make sure it is secure during loading. Our experts will ensure that it arrives at its destination in the same condition as it left. 
  • We will also take care to protect the surface while moving the furniture in or out. Our experts will apply protective covering on the doorways and stairways. For the floor, we use cardboard runners. 
  • For moving the overstuffed and upholstered pieces, we put an additional layer of protection. Our experts will wrap up the pieces with stretch wrap or plastic before loading them on the truck. 

We can assure you that when you unpack the furniture in the desired destination, it is going to be the same condition as it left. 

Why Hire Us?

You can hire a furniture removals Rochdale while moving to a new house to get rid of your old furniture eases your job. We are the kind of removal service that will come in early and is going to pack your furniture for you. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy by hiring us. 


  • Save Time


In case you have moved house before this, you will know that it takes a long time to pack for it. You might have to spend weeks to pack all your things for the removal day. During all this time you could have done something better. Hiring, a professional furniture relocation service like us will help you to do so. 


  • Reduce Stress


Packing the whole household is a job that can take a minimum of two weeks. This can be pretty stressful for the whole family. At the time you simply have to step back and let someone else worry about this and who better than us. We will handle all your worries for you. 


  • More Family Time


When you do not spend several weeks doing your packing, you will be able to spend some quality time with your loved ones rather than being stressed and cranky about the furniture move. 


  • No Heavy Lifting


Moving your furniture, disassembling them, and filling them in boxes are not a job that people look forward to. This involves heavy lifting. We at Rochdale Removals Rochdale offer packing services and have tools that will help in lifting the heavy load. Thus, our professionals can lift and bend throughout the day without injuring themselves. 

With us, you just have to look forward to your move instead of being sick and worried about the logistics. On a moving day, you will notice your furniture has been packed already and ready to be loaded in the vehicle. What’s better than that?

We know the best way to move your furniture and will provide you peace of mind.

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