Piano Removals Rochdale

At Apollo Removals Rochdale, we have the right tools with us and enough experience up our sleeves to move the piano. No matter if it is grand or Baby, we will transport it safely and securely. We have been helping our clients with the relocation of their favorite piano for several years. Irrespective of where your piano is, at the basement or the topmost floors of the 10th-floor apartment, we will haul it through the stairs or find alternative paths to get the work done safely. 

Our Better Ways to Move the Piano

We know the piano is a delicate instrument and needs to be handled with complete care. If you plan to do it yourself with the help of your friends, it might cause damage to your piano. Hence, you should leave the job to professionals like us. We will deploy a professional piano trolley to wheel the piano through the various plain areas. Moreover, to move it from one floor to the other, we have the required tools. 

Insured Services Ensuring You are at Ease

We have experienced and trained piano movers for handling piano removals Rochdale. Our experts know how they have to handle pianos of different kinds. You will be happy to know that we have insurance against all damages that can happen to your piano. Hence, in case there are any accidental damages, we will take care of the cost. 

Preparing Your Piano for a Seamless Move

Pianos are heavy instruments that weigh about 250 kilograms. Moreover, they are delicate items that have to be handled carefully. When you have to relocate and want to relocate your piano, hiring an experienced company like Apollo Removals Rochdale will ascertain that it is done safely. The piano is a significant financial investment and obviously, you do not want it to be damaged. 

Here are some tips that will help in preparing your piano before the moving day. 

  • The first thing that you need to do is get rid of the decoration. Often, people decorate the top of their piano with houseplants, family photos, and much. In case you have such decorative items on your piano, you should remove these and store them away. This way the movers will not have to spend additional time to remove them. 
  • Sure, we are going to take the utmost care of your piano but you should make it a point to check whether there aren’t chips, dinge, or scratch beforehand. If possible take photos of the piano in case you have to claim your insurance to an insurance company. 
  • The cost of moving a piano might differ. It is based on whether it is a baby or grand or upright. In case, you are relocating your house and you have a piano, you need to inform us about this. This will help us to be prepared to relocate your belongings safely. 
  • In case there are furniture clogging the way, you should move them beforehand. This is going to put your mind at ease as we maneuver the instrument towards the exit. In case you have wooden flooring and the piano will have to go through that, make sure you get some plastic mats for creating a path that will help the piano to roll over. This proves to be helpful when you have an upright piano that is narrow and usually wheeled. 
  • Before you arrive, it is better you secure the keyboard of the piano by locking it down. The top also has to be secure to ensure that it doesn’t open up when you are on the move. In case the piano lid or the keyboard cover does not lock, you might have to strap it shit. The exact way to do this will be determined by the geometry of the piano. In case you are in doubt, we are always here to help you out.

Piano moves are extremely difficult when you do it alone. However, with Apollo Removals Rochdale, you can make your job much easier. 

Kind of Service You Need

The scale of the relocation firm required is going to depend on the size of the piano that you want to move. A large piano might take 4 or more men to get out of the house and to put it in the van. 

We, at Apollo Removals Rochdale, will arrange to help you with your prep up work if you find it to be a hassle. All you have to do is give us a call. We will clear up space and wrap up the piano for you. Our experts know to wrap the piano safely to ensure there is no damage. 

We will complete the job of removal and unload to place it into its new home. We have a great experience and bring the required equipment with us. Our experts will carry padding, straps, dollies, and ramps. You just have to sit and watch as we do the packing and the unpacking. 

Long Distance Piano Movers

Transporting the piano over a long distance is another cause of concern for many owners. However, when you hire a professional mover like us, all your apprehension and worries are going to come to an end. We provide vehicles for transportation that are well-equipped and will hold your piano in place. There is a protective wrap which we use to prevent scratches and scuffs in the time of transit. We will make your long-distance piano removal an easy task for you. 

At Apollo Removals Rochdale, we have the experience of handling all types of piano removal. Our skilled professionals are confident that they will be able to move the piano across the town of Rochdale or outside of it with complete ease. No matter if you are relocating the commercial establishment or to a new home, if you have a piano that has to be moved along, remember us. We are a team of expert movers who will solve all your problems for you. 

You can rest assured that your pianos are going to be in safer hands.

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