Every single town in the world has its own unique destinations, and that is one reason why many people travel. With a visit to a new town, you will be able to learn more about it, and pretty much gain a much better appreciation its culture and heritage. With the internet now, travellers can easily plan their trips better and maximize their enjoyment by learning which places to visit ahead of time. That really makes it convenient for most of us to avoid missing out on destinations that are really worth visiting. 

For those that have been planning to visit Rochdale and are trying to figure out which destinations in town they shouldn’t miss, then you came to the right place. Working in the Rochdale removals industry, I’ve met plenty of clients that often ask me about the places they should check out the moment they arrive in town. Throughout the years, I have made the effort to actually find such places, so that I can recommend them to any client if ever they asked me about it. With that said, below are the three best places that you must visit during any trip to Rochdale. 


Rochdale Pioneers Museum 

Rochdale Pioneers Museum is a beautifully restored museum through the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund. The museum is now designed to provide visitors with plenty of exhibits to not only educate, but also provide enjoyment throughout the visit. This is a great place to visit for family or educational trips. The place is wheelchair accessible, and even caters to individuals that may need guide dogs with them. In fact, if you need water bowls for your guide dog, you will find them available at the museum’s reception. 


Spotland Stadium 

Spotland Stadium is a very popular place here in Rochdale for events and functions. Here, you can find plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to do during your trip. So if you are someone that wants to have some activities planned during your visit, then this place definitely hits the spot. People that are interested in sports such as rugby, then you will usually find important games being played in this place. A very interesting place to visit whenever you are in Rochdale, so be sure to always put this on your list of places to check out when in town. 


Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum 

Greater Manchester has a very colourful history when it comes to fire fighting. If you are someone that is interested to learn more about such a history, then the Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum is a must visit during your trip here in Rochdale. Here you will find plenty of exhibits that can tell you more about the fascinating history of firefighting. With the collection found in this place, you’ll be surprised on how much knowledge you will get on better fire safety on you are done with your visit. 


So, if you are in need of some ideas about places in Rochdale that you should visit during your trip, then these are three excellent examples of them. While you can pick any of these destinations based on your convenience, it is highly recommended that you check them all out. They aren’t that hard to access, and a trip to these destinations will really improve the overall enjoyment of your visit. 

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