Burgers are always considered by many individuals as good eats, and that’s because they don’t only taste good, but are very filling as well. Burger joints are pretty common these days, which is why it isn’t that hard to grab a burger and have a filling meal. However, if you are someone that wants the tastiest burgers in your area, then finding the best burger joints will be a very good move on your part. 

In Rochdale, you would find several burger joints that offer quality burgers, but there are a few that really take things to a whole new level. These are burger joints that have pretty much mastered their crafts, and consistently come up with great tasting burgers for their customers. With that being said, below is a simple guide for those people that want to find the three best burger restaurants here in Rochdale today. 


Basils Traditional English Restaurant 

One of my favourite burger restaurants to eat it, Basils Traditional English Restaurant is a place where you can eat, and enjoy a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The burgers here are superb in terms of flavour, because they are made with the best ingredients and cooked in an excellent manner. They are always juicy, tender, and tasty, which makes them a treat to eat. The place has a wide range of burgers to choose from, giving customers a decent amount of option in regards to what type of burger they want to eat. 


The Cedar Tree Bar & Grill

The Cedar Tree Bar & Grill is a restaurant that has been serving homemade burgers for more than 18 years now. This place offers outstanding burgers that are cooked to perfection all the time, giving them a reputation for serving top quality burgers here in Rochdale. As far as burger options go, this restaurant does have an extensive menu, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect burger for your tastes here. Overall, this is an old time favourite burger restaurant here in town for years, and that is why you should never miss trying out what they have to offer. 


The Oxford Pub

The Oxford Pub is a place that I frequent because it is a restaurant that serves a wide range flavourful burgers, and also conveniently located quite near my Rochdale removals workplace. The place has one of the best pub settings in town, and a really enjoyable place to come eat with friends after a hard day’s work. The prices of their burgers are highly reasonable, especially if you take into consideration the quality that they come with. Another very solid choice, for people in Rochdale that want to eat high quality burgers. 


If you are someone that has been trying to find the best burger restaurants in Rochdale, then here you have the three best in town. Hopefully you do visit each of these restaurants when you have the chance, and that’s because each of them does have a unique flavours for the burgers that they serve. More importantly, it is a good way of figuring out which one really suites your tastes best. 

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