A Simple Guide on the Three Best Value Hotels in Rochdale for Travellers

Finding the best value from hotel accommodations should be every traveller’s goal when it comes to such services. Especially if you have exerted a lot of effort towards saving money for your trip, you want to make sure that you get the most out of such sacrifice. That said, you might want to take your time to look for such hotels in advance, and that’s so you can carefully examine your best options.

For those that have plans of taking a trip to Rochdale and want to have an easier time finding the best values hotels in town, then I will be very happy to help you out. I have been going in and out of Rochdale for so many years now since I have a client that runs a Rochdale office removals company. Whenever I visit him for our consultation meetings, I would often stay at hotels during such a trip. Given time, I have tried out various hotels, and pretty much narrowed down which ones really provide the best value for their guests. 


The Rake 

The Rake is a hotel that has very lovely and comfortable rooms, and also a wide range of amenities for guests. This is one of the top three best value hotels here in Rochdale that I have tried throughout the years. Apart from the comfortable accommodations, this place is also an award winning hotel when it comes to their breakfast services. When it comes to their staff, they are extremely warm towards their guests, and very welcoming from the moment you check-in, until you finally end your stay with them. 


Moss Lodge 

Moss Lode is the hotel that is highly preferred by business executives and leisure guests that decide to visit Rochdale. One of the main reasons for that is the easy access to the M60 & M62 motorways, as well as the centre of town that this hotel has. For their accommodations, you can expect to rest at beautiful rooms that are all very cosy. Staff services are always excellent here, and that’s because they really strive to improve the experience that their guests have when staying with them. 


Mercure Manchester Norton Grange Hotel 

The Mercure Manchester Norton Grange Hotel, is quite well-known for its ability to properly take care of its guests. The hotel is well-quipped with plenty of amenities, as well as complimentary leisure facilities for their guests. They have excellent rooms, that are nicely decorated, maintained, and clean too. As with any other Mercure hotel, you can be sure that the staff here will be always willing to provide the utmost attention for their guests throughout their stay in the hotel. A time tested hotel option for those that seek the most value out of their accommodations. 


So, if you have any plans of travelling to Rochdale and want to stay in a great value hotel, then these three are definitely your best options. They provide excellent services, rooms, and amenities for their guests. All you really have to do at this point, is to simply pick one that fits your budget, or the itinerary that you may have for your trip. 

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